The Review Board: Scythe

The Review Board: Scythe

A lot has been said about Scythe (for example, check out Draft Mechanic's episode 25). And with that, we are done. Good day to you. I said GOOD DAY.

Oh, you’re still here? Okay, let’s talk about Scythe!

Welcome to Scythe, an alternative universe in which 1920s Europe is still recovering from devastating war. In this world, several factions compete for the wealth, power and control of the land. Let’s explore these factions!

The Nordic Kingdom:

Bjorn, accompanied by a musk ox named Mox, is a descendant of a Viking family. Together they are on a quest to add new villages and farms to the Nordic Kingdom by any means and to gain new technologies from the factory. The Nordic mechs were inspired by Viking ships and can sail lakes and walk on land.

The Rusviet Union:

The Rusviet Union is led by Olga and her pet Siberian tiger Changa. Rusviet Union is ruthless and pushes its workers to their limit. Thus, the Rusviets can take the same action twice. The mechs are equipped with war scythes and are more powerful when accompanied by workers.

The Polania Republic:

The Polania Republic is led by Anna and her bear Wojtek (google this bear!). Anna is known for her marksmanship skills and compassion, as well as for her ability to communicate with Wojtek using sign language. The mechs of the Polania Republic were inspired by submarines and airplanes and can submerge into lakes.

The Saxony Empire:

Gunter and Nacht from the Saxony Empire are both feared and respected. Their strength will allow them to complete objectives or fight as much as they want. The empire's mechs are built for narrow passages in the mountains.

The Crimean Khanate:

Zehra and Kar from Crimea are on a mission to learn more about the modern technology that the factory can offer their people. With this knowledge, she hopes to ensure the peace of her people. While the Crimean mechs are pieced together from scrapyard junk, they can travel long distances. These mechs are the least technologically advanced because the Crimea refused to investigate the mech’s technology until it was too late.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the factions of Scythe.

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