Welcome to Punchboard Media!

Welcome to Punchboard Media!

Welcome to the Punchboard Media website! Pull up a chair and take a look at all the tabletop gaming content we have to offer. But first, a little bit about ourselves.

What is Punchboard Media?

It all starts with our mission statement: 

Punchboard Media is a supportive network of board game media content creators committed to promoting games as a way to bring together families, friends, and board game enthusiasts across the globe, while advocating for openness, fairness, and inclusion in the community.

What that means is we are here to share our love of board, card, and tabletop games with you -- with audio, video, and written content aimed at encouraging you to play games with your family, friends, local game groups, and others in your community.

Who is Punchboard Media?

Punchboard Media, at time of launch, consists of nineteen different content creators from many aspects of board gaming media, including three Golden Geek-nominated podcasts and five BoardGameGeek Geeks of the Week. We will be featuring:

Nine audio podcasts with different focuses, including Draft Mechanic, a bi-weekly husband-and-wife lead show that discusses board games and beer, and Low Player Count, a weekly podcast that focuses on one and two player games.

Five video shows, including The Cubist, a live weekly show, DiceBreakers, which will be featuring an upcoming series of longer form documentaries, and Gaming Rules!, which produces high quality how-to play videos.

Six written products,  including Things of No Interest, which discusses board games with an added focus on 3D printed game components, and What’s Eric Playing?, who highlights his board game photography in his reviews.

More information about all our amazing content creators can be found on our About Us page, and we have feeds specifically for our audio, video, and written content.

Why Punchboard Media?

Quite simply because we can create better content  by joining together and supporting each other than any of us can individually. Many of us have already collaborated together before, guesting and contributing on each other’s shows, and this official announcement can only improve and strengthen those existing bonds. We can’t wait to see where this alliance will take us in the future, and we hope you’ll be along for the ride.

Where is Punchboard Media?

We can always be found online at punchboardmedia.com, as well as on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Also, be sure to check our calendar to see if anyone from Punchboard Media is at upcoming conventions you are planning to attend. With so many content creators in our network, odds are good we’ll be represented, and we’d love to meet you and play some games with you! We truly believe that there is room for everyone at the gaming table.

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