WDYPTW Podcast: Week 133

WDYPTW Podcast: Week 133

Announcements (:23)

• Punchboard Media Launch Party at Origins, Thursday June 15 from 8pm-10pm in the CGE Games Room (room C170, opposite Exhibit Hall C, the new Hall C, not the old one). There will be giveaways, including a couple of Quivers and games!
• Next week will probably be a short week, as a lot of the contributors will be leaving Origins. So I may, and I repeat, MAY, do something we have never done in the two years that we’ve been doing the show -- We may take a week off to recover. Or not, if there are other contributors who want to hop in and record, we’ll keep on rolling, but this Origins week may be a good week to take a step back and maybe just write some reviews for the website. We’ll see, I’ll have to talk to all the other contributors who will be available next week and see what they want to do.

Spotlight On, with Eric Buscemi (2:39)

• Roll'd West
• Step Right up
• Enemy Anemone
• Century: Eastern Wonders
• Nyctophobia
Published Games:
• Nautilion
• Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
• Kingdomino
• Karuba
• 4-Way Chess
• Exit The Game: The Abandoned Cabin
• Near and Far
• Roll Player
• Hit Z Road
• Kingsburg
Spotlight On:
• Origins

Learning From and Through Board Games with Jamie Maltman (13:32)

• Kanban
• Trajan
• Steam: Rails to Riches (app)
• *Pavlov's House (Tabletopia solo)
• Glass Road
• Lords of Waterdeep + Skullport
• Yokohama
• *Unlock! Squeek & Sausage, Island of Doctor Goorse (spoiler free)
• Karuba
• Terraforming Mars
• Clank! 
• Deep Sea Adventure
• Stone Age

Two Minutes with Travis Hill (26:54)

• Origins Game Fair

Patrick Hillier, the Over the Hillier Gamer (29:05)

• Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers
• Defenders of the Last Stand
• Flash Point Fire Rescue
• Kingdomino
• Honshu
• Origins Game Fair

The Cubist Corner with Bill Corey Jr (34:27)

• Fear of Missing Out
• Tabletop Companion

The Eric Booth Reviews (46:47)

• Medici- The Card Game

The Other Leg by Marc Gurwitz (50:50)

• Adele The Card Game

Mason A. Weaver (53:08)

• BGG Spring Highlights
• Yamatai
• Pyramids

Board Gaming on a Budget with Joshua Acosta (1:00:13)

• The Great Zimbabwe
• The Gallerist
• Lisboa
• Deep Sea Adventure
• Avenue
• Town Center
• Friday
• Hive Pocket
• Onirim
• Santorini
• Can’t Stop
• Exit The Game: The Cabin
• Medici The Card Game
• Chess
• Nightmare Chess
• Gaming on an Energy Budget

Kerensa & Brandon Babble (1:19:28)

• Oaxaca
• Shahrazad
• Barenpark
• Santorini
• Race to El Dorado
• Ethnos
• Modern Art
• 1846
• James Clavell’s Shogun
• Word Blur

Outro (1:45:58)

End (1:47:15)

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