The Review Board: Steam Park

The Review Board: Steam Park

Steam Park is ridiculously entertaining. Thus, I have to be ridiculous when talking about it!

As the band My Chemical Romance once said:

"When I was a young boy
My father took me into the city
To see a robotic park
He said, "Son, when you grow up
Would you build a Steam Park in the city
to host all of them?"

Now I am an adult (I think?) and it is time to BUILD THE BEST PARK EVER!

One thing you need to know about parks for robots is that they will lead you to push your luck. You might think that you know a thing or two about probability, that the roll of a die will give you a 1/6 chance to get the result that you need.


Give an owner of a park a set of 6 dice and that person will roll them for as long as she can in an attempt to get that needed face. 

This is great! Why? Because in Steam Park you get to roll a set of 6 dice, trying to get the best actions for your round. You even get to re-roll any of them.

So what's the deal with rolling? Why are we even doing this? To build your park! 

The dice represent actions you can perform during your round, such as:

Building rides and stands

Inviting robots into your park to ride those rides you built

And cleaning dirt! YES DIRT!

Building rides, being the last person who decided on her actions and other activities generate dirt, and you'll have to clean it (otherwise you will lose revenue).

Remember: you aren't building the park out of the goodness of your heart; you're building it to make tons of robotic money (and win).

One final note about upgrades. The game has two expansions. One adds more to your experience (e.g., new rides), but I have not tried it yet. The other expansion upgrades the neat wooden meeples to cute plastic robots (it also introduces new VIP robots). While not mandatory, I found it to be a cute addition."

With that, I'll say bip bop to you dear folks and go cash my credits and spend them on premium robotic oil.

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