Draft Mechanic #67: Expandapalooza!

Draft Mechanic #67: Expandapalooza!

Draft Mechanic Episode #67: Expandapalooza! Scythe: The Wind Gambit; Terraforming Mars: Venus Next; Tash Kalar Expansions

We’re back, and we brought expansions! In today’s expandable episode, we’re looking at expansions for Tash Kalar, Scythe & Terraforming Mars. And as our own personal expansion, we’re expanding our On Tap beer selections for Scythe and Terraforming Mars as well with a few beers to pair with the new content in these two list-topping games from 2016! Our Slack chimes in on the expansion conversation by sharing their Essential Expansions. All this, plus a ton of Kickstarters, news and a Beer Primer on milk stouts! Enjoy!

00:55 Show Intro

03:13 News Bits

05:07 Upcoming: Clank “The Mummy’s Curse”

08:05 Upcoming: Great Western Trail “Rails to the North”

10:52 Kickstarter: Endeavor, Age of Sail

13:40 Kickstarter: Herbalism (Deep Water Games launch)

15:29 Kickstarter: The Art of Tokaido

17:41 Expandapalooza: Tash Kalar “Nethervoid” and “Etherweave” expansions

31:16 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship spot

32:26 Expandapalooza: Scythe “The Wind Gambit” expansion

45:40 On Tap: Scythe “Invaders from Afar” and “The Wind Gambit”

50:26 Expandapalooza: Terraforming Mars “Venus Next” expansion

62:16 On Tap: Terraforming Mars “Venus Next”

63:56 The Beer Primer: Milk Stouts

69:41 Final Round: Essential Expansions

82:12 Outro

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