Draft Mechanic #70: Kitchen Rush! Review & On Tap

Draft Mechanic #70: Kitchen Rush! Review & On Tap

Draft Mechanic Episode #70: Kitchen Rush! Six pack review & on tap; TIME Stories: Santo Tomas de Aquino; Clank! Sunken Treasures; Crossfire; the Cicerone program

Order up! Today’s episode of Draft Mechanic features our usual double-feature review & beer pairings for Artipia Games’ new real-time kitchen management co-op game, Kitchen Rush! We’ve got a slew of recent plays as well with a number of smaller games, and Danielle’s beer segment is on the Cicerone beer server certification program. In the Final Round, we discuss job simulator games that work as well as some that don’t. Get it while it’s hot!

01:00 Show Intro

02:43 News: Plan B buys Tric Trac

05:58 News: BGG Golden Geek Awards

11:32 Kickstarter Updates

12:14 Kickstarter: Bad Medicine

13:31 Kickstarter: Robin Hood and the Merry Men

15:35 Recent Plays: TIME Stories: Santo Tomas de Aquino

22:45 Recent Plays: Clank! Sunken Treasures

28:31 Recent Plays: Crossfire

33:00 Recent Plays: 13 Chefs

36:33 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

37:32 Six Pack Review: Kitchen Rush

38:12 Kitchen Rush: Gameplay Overview

40:58 Kitchen Rush: Discussion

66:55 Kitchen Rush: Final Thoughts

67:51 On Tap: Kitchen Rush

72:25 The Cicerone program

79:15 The Final Round: Job Simulator board games

82:35 Outro

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