Draft Mechanic #71: One Deck Dungeon

Draft Mechanic #71: One Deck Dungeon

Draft Mechanic Episode #71: One Deck Dungeon (six-pack review & on-tap); Mystery of the Temples preview; Hardback; Pitch Deck; SMaSH beer & Soloable Games

Dungeons! They’re everywhere these days, right? Always opportunities to delve for treasure, so what makes One Deck Dungeon unique? We’ll find out today in our Six-Pack review of this rogue-like, pocket sized dungeon delving card game. If temples are more your thing, we’ve got a preview of Mystery of the Temples (hitting Kickstarter this week!). And then there’s Hardback, a deck builder of letters, and Pitch Deck, a company pitching game of tropes. We round this one up by explaining what SMaSH means in the beer world (no crushing is involved) and we ask the Slack about what makes a game great for solo play. Adventurer, don’t fear going into this episode alone!

01:00 Show Intro

03:02 News: Star Trek: Galactic Enterprises

06:12 News: Asmodee Entertainment

10:32 Kickstarter Updates

11:04 Kickstarter: Architects of the West Kingdom

15:32 Kickstarter: Fire in the Library

19:06 Recent Plays: Mystery of the Temples

29:10 Recent Plays: Pitch Deck

38:23 Recent Plays: Hardback

53:13 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

54:03 Six Pack Review: One Deck Dungeon

54:32 One Deck Dungeon: Gameplay Overview

63:40 One Deck Dungeon: Discussion

88:11 One Deck Dungeon: Final Thoughts

90:32 On Tap: One Deck Dungeon

93:17 SMaSH Beer

101:00 The Final Round: Soloable Games

108:33 Outro

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