MHGG Review: Pioneer Days

MHGG Review: Pioneer Days

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MHGG Review - Pioneer Days

So Pioneer Days is basically Oregon Trail: The Game but actually a game? This dice drafting game takes place over 4 weeks. During the first 5 days, you are gathering wood, medicine, gold, cattle, and hiring townsfolk to help you. At the end of each week you complete goals for the town, using the resources you gathered to get favors, aka victory points. Hopefully the inevitable calamities don't set you back too much since whoever scores the most points wins.


Full Disclosure: This game was provided to us by TMG as a review copy!


00:00:51 Pioneer Days

  • 00:01:21 Rules Overview

  • 00:02:27 Initial Thoughts 00:05:43 Components

  • 00:13:59 Rules and Rules Explanation

  • 00:23:59 Gameplay

  • 00:42:36 Final Thoughts

00:49:09 Cost and Availability

00:49:41 Listener Feedback

00:51:24 Contact Info

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