Open Seat Gaming: A Confuzzld Unboxing - Founders of Gloomhaven

Open Seat Gaming: A Confuzzld Unboxing - Founders of Gloomhaven

Game: Founders of Gloomhaven
Publishers: Cephalofair Games
Designer: Isaac Childres
Artists:  Alexandr ElichevJosh T. McDowell

If you have followed Open Seat Gaming for a while, Tile Placement and City Building are some of our favorite aspects of games. So when we heard about this new Kickstarter game in the Gloomhaven universe that featured these things we got excited.

Above are both sides of the double sided game board where you will be building up Gloomhaven with your race/faction tiles.

Here are some of the punchboards which have tiles, money, and voting tokens.

Above are the workers for each race and the Active player token. The worker pieces are distinctive in color and screen printed, which is really cool.


Included are two different sets of colored gem like influence tokens. The clear tokens are called fleeting influence and the red are lasting influence. Very pretty and shiny.

Above are the Achievement, Action, Adviser, and Prestige Building Cards. The cards of great quality and the adviser cards have wonderful evocative fantasy artwork.


The player mats/boards that are in Founders of Gloomhaven are outstanding. On the A side of the mat you are given places for some of your components, given a race specific ability, reminded of how the turn sequence goes, etc. On the B side of the mat there is story/ history of your race and still all of your necessary information is included. 

These are some of the polyomino tiles. Pictured are the advanced resource and prestige buildings. These tiles let you upgrade resources and give bigger points to those who help build them.

As I was unboxing this game, I got worried that it all wouldn’t fit back in the box just right. Those fears were not correct though, everything fit back in perfectly.  

All of the components are high quality from the cards to the tiles to the worker pieces to gems. Even the finish on the outside of the box stands out because of its glossy feel. The production value of Founders of Gloomhaven is beyond excellent. 

Each one of us here at OSG is excited to get Founders of Gloomhaven to the table!

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Game On!
Sarah - The Confuzzld Meeple

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