Draft Mechanic #111: Welcome To... Thematic Neighborhoods

Draft Mechanic #111: Welcome To... Thematic Neighborhoods

Draft Mechanic Episode #111: Welcome to Thematic Neighborhoods; The Search for Planet X; Slyville

It’s all about the future on Draft Mechanic 111! We’ve got a Kickstarter preview of The Search for Planet X, plus a look at Slyville coming at Essen from Hexy Studio. Our main feature is five (five!) new neighborhoods for Welcome To! And later in the show, we’re talking with Mark Kale, the organizer of our local board game con, MegaMooseCon about what it’s like to be headed into year four of the event. All this plus more, tune in!

01:00 Show Intro, News & Updates

03:22 Games News: Castles of Burgundy’s New Look

06:24 Kickstarter Updates

08:15 Kickstarter: Dance Card!

10:38 Kickstarter: Camp Pinetop

12:54 Kickstarter: Arch Ravels

15:20 Kickstarter: Calico

16:44 Kickstarter Preview: The Search for Planet X

36:11 Recent Plays: Slyville

47:35 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

48:31 Feature Review: Welcome To Thematic Neighborhoods

55:17 Welcome To… Halloween

61:16 Welcome To… Outbreak

66:54 Welcome To… Doomsday

70:41 Welcome To… Winter Wonderland

73:10 Welcome To… Spring

78:50 Welcome To… Final Thoughts

79:50 On Tap: Welcome To… Thematic Neighborhoods

84:51 GABF 2019 Results

93:20 A round with Mark Kale, MegaMooseCon Founder

106:34 Outro

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