Draft Mechanic #95: Keyforge

Draft Mechanic #95: Keyforge

Draft Mechanic Episode #95: Keyforge

Each episode of Draft Mechanic is just like a deck of Keyforge - they’re all unique and have their own special content! This one, thankfully, is reviewing Keyforge, so that metaphor was applicable and totally called for. We’re also going on a weird unique detour in the CarcaZone… the Card game? Plus Herbaceous gets dice, your tour band gets… other dice, and lots more. Such interesting combinations!

01:00 Show Intro, News & Updates

03:46 Circular Charlotte and Gaming

09:49 Keyforge: Age of Ascension

12:53 Kickstarter Updates

16:45 Kickstarter: Wavelength

20:33 Kickstarter: In the Hall of the Mountain King

24:41 Recent Plays: Cardcassonne

38:15 Recent Plays: Herbaceous Sprouts

48:14 Recent Plays: On Tour

58:27 On Tap: On Tour

62:08 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

63:05 Six Pack Review: Keyforge

63:50 Keyforge: Gameplay Overview

67:28 Keyforge: Discussion

82:12 Keyforge: Final Thoughts

85:35 Brewer’s Association Diversity & Inclusion Grant

87:18 Fresh Fest 2019

88:59 Final Round: Games we were wrong about

92:56 Outro

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