WDYPTW: Cult of the News, February Edition

WDYPTW: Cult of the News, February Edition

Game Announcements:

  • Next Move Games announced 5211, the first game in a new series of small box games to add its catalog!  5211 is a fast playing, type-matching card game with unique scoring methods that reward clever plays, that was designed by Tsuyoshi Hashiguchi and illustrated by Chris Quilliams. 5211 is expected to debut at Origins 2019.

  • Adam's Apple Games announced Thrive, a two-player board game where you play as lotus flowers competing to control the pond.

  • Floodgate Games announced 3 Laws of Robotics, a deduction game for 4-8 players, designed by Ben Kanelos and art by Tristam Rossin.

  • BoardGameGeek gave some information about Silver & Gold, an upcoming four-round draw-and-draw design from Phil Walker-Harding and NSV "in which you attempt to claim coins to grab trophies, mark Xs to find treasure, and complete maps to score points." The game is due out in May.

  • Looney Labs announced Time Breaker, a time travelling card game designed by Andrew Looney that plays 2-5 players.

  • Gamewright announced Sushi Roll, a dice version of Sushi Go!, which is due out in Q2.

  • Bezier Games announced the upcoming release of CABO, a new release of the original Melissa Limes and Mandy Henning card game from 2010. CABO is a small-box card game that plays 2-4 players.  CABO will hit stores in mid-April, and will retail for $9.95.

  • Gamelyn Games announced Tiny Epic Tactics, the newest entry in its Tiny Epic series.

  • Blue Orange Games previewed Slide Quest, a 1-4 player cooperative dexterity game.

  • Weta Workshop is designing District 9: The Board Game, based on "Neill Blomkamp's powerful cinematic sci-fi allegory of xenophobia and segregation." A Kickstarter campaign for the game will go live on March 26.

  • Capstone Games announced a new partnership with Winsome Games. With this new line of games, they introduce the Iron Rail series. Irish Gauge, the inaugural title in the Iron Rail series, takes place in mid-1800's Ireland. Irish Gauge, designed by Tom Russell of Hollandspiele with artwork by Ian O'Toole, plays 3 to 5 players over the course of 60 minutes. Irish Gauge will be available to preorder on a new platform coming to the Capstone Games website on March 28. Expected release date for Irish Gauge is Q3 2019.

  • Green Couch Games announced Darwinauts, designed by Chris Bryan, a light-to-medium weight Euro-style game of tile-laying, worker placement, set collection, and action selection.

  • Renegade Games announced Hex Roller, a roll-and-write game where players will push their luck by drafting dice and filling in hexagonal spaces on their sheet, attempting to complete colored areas and create lines of identical numbers. The designer, Rustan Hundefinedkansson, also created Nations and its dice counterpart Nations: The Dice Game.

  • BoardGameGeek previewed Slam Words from FoxMind, a word game that “uses a collapsing dice cup so that you can shake the dice without dropping them, then slam the cup flat to lock letters into place.”

  • BoardGameGeek previewed Quirky Circuits from Nikki Valens and Plaid Hat Games, a game where "players collectively program their robo-friends in order to clean their house. Think of it as RoboRally crossed with The Mind as players lay down program cards secretly each round."

Expansion Announcements:

  • Details for Villainous: Wicked to the Core, a 2-3 player standalone game by Prospero Hall that can also serve as an expansion for the original Villainous game, were released early, and caused the embargo on the game’s announcement to be lifted.

  • Fantasy Flight Games announced Age of Ascension, the second set of KeyForge. As a new set of KeyForge, Age of Ascension mixes up the cardpool with 204 brand-new cards, joining 166 cards first introduced in Call of the Archons to create an entirely new pool of 370 cards and billions upon billions more Unique Decks. "Importantly, Age of Ascension is a companion to Call of the Archons, not a replacement or a sequel! You don't need to start with Call of the Archons in order to reach Age of Ascension, and you don't need to switch to Age of Ascension Archon Decks in order to remain competitive. Archon Decks from each set are equally matched against one another." Age of Ascension set lands at retailers in Q2.

  • Van Ryder announced season two of its Graphic Novel Adventures books, which includes two more Sherlock books, the super hero book Mystery, as well as Pirates: The Great Chase and Pirates: The City of Skulls. The Season 2 Kickstarter will launch on March 5.

  • Pulp Detective is back with Pulp Detective Expansion 2: Henchmen, Gun Molls and Traps, which features new cases to solve, new detectives, and new cards for even more variability.

  • Stonemaier Games announced an expansion for Euphoria titled Euphoria: Ignorance is Bliss.  

  • AEG announced Mystic Vale: Harmony. This expansion to Mystic Vale brings new leaders, advancements, vales, and amulets.  This expansion will be available in May.

  • Plaid Hat previewed the Moon Clan and Gem Clan from the latest Crystal Clans expansions, which are now available.

  • Leder Games announced it would launch a Kickstarter for Root: The Underworld Expansion on March 14. The expansion will feature two new factions -- The Crows and The Moles -- and two new maps -- The Mountain Pass Map and The Lakeside Map.

  • Daily Magic Games has two new expansions coming to Kickstarter later this year: Sailing Toward Osiris: Pharaoh's Pyramid and Valeria: Card Kingdoms - Crimson Seas, and both are available for print-and-play testing. You can download the files, print them out, and give them a try, and then let Daily Magic know what you think.

  • AEG announced The Captain is Dead: Dangerous Planet, which uses the mechanics of The Captain is Dead in a whole new way, and will be on sale in July.

  • Cryptozoic announced Spyfall: Time Travel, the third release in the core Spyfall series. It can be played as a standalone game or combined with previous releases to add variety with 240 new location cards. The Spyfall: Time Travel game supports 2-8 players and plays in about 15 minutess. It's expected to release in the second half of 2019.

  • Cryptozoic announced the latest DC Deck-Building Game, based on the DC Comics Rebirth story line which reset the DC Universe, seeks to do the same to the card game's series. DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth adds campaign scenarios, character progression, and movement between DC Universe locations. This incarnation of the game allows for 1-4 players and plays in 60 minutes. It's expected to release in the Summer of 2019.

Release Date Announcements:

  • AEG announced that Smash Up World Tour: International Incident is coming to retailers in March.

  • Thunderworks Games announced it is taking pre-orders on its website for Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale. In Cartographers, players compete to get the highest reputation at the end of four seasons. Each season, players draw on their map sheet and score against unique conditions at the end of the season. The player with the highest reputation at the end of the year is declared the winner. The Skills Mini Expansion adds a new dimension to your map making, and is including it when you pre-order the game directly through Thunderworks Games.

Digital Board Game Announcements:

  • The digital implementation of The Castles of Burgundy is now live on the iOS App Store, Google Play and Steam.

  • Evolution: The Video Game, the strategy game of adaptation from North Star Digital Studios, launched on February 12. Evolution: The Video Game is available in English on PC and Mac via Steam for $14.99. It is also available as free-to-try on iOS and Android with a full version available for $9.99 as a one time purchase.

  • Sanuk Games announced the launch of the Mythic Battles: Pantheon - The Videogame Kickstarter on February 17. The video game is based on a board game published by Monolith Board Games.

  • A digital version of Grey Fox Games’ Champions of Midgard is currently in early access on Steam.

Other Game Tidbits:

  • USAopoly will release two new licensed versions of Talisman in North America and other select regions later this year. This will be the first time a licensed version of the game will be available. The new partnership grants USAopoly international rights to distribute co-branded renditions of the "Magical Quest Game" via distributors, online marketplaces and beyond. More about the licensed versions will be announced later this year. In a later press releases, USAopoly announced that Talisman: Kingdom Hearts is due out before the end of 2019 in both North America and Europe.

  • Grey Fox teased a city-building, tile-placement game called Zoned Out in its February newsletter.

  • AEG released a "Special Big Game Night Announcement" which noted: "This year we have a fantastic line-up of three new games, and here is a sneak peek at the first game we are premiering at the event. Walking in Burano: This beautiful game from our new partners EmperorS4 was a huge hit at Essen 2018 and we are excited to be publishing and distributing the English edition of this game. Burano, Italy is famous for its colorful houses. In this game, you are tasked with refurbishing one of these beautiful canal streets to attract as many locals and tourists as possible... This release of Walking in Burano also includes a mini-expansion of three locals that was released in Taiwan."

Other Industry Tidbits:

  • Funko acquired  Forrest-Pruzan Creative, the board game maker known for games such as Disney's Villainous and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. The purchase marks Funko's initial entry into the board game sector.  Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

  • Gen Con banned Zak S from attending, and reiterated a zero tolerance policy for harassers and abusers.


  • Funded: Suburbia Collector's Edition, Mephisto: The Card Game, Tsuro: Phoenix Rising, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventure City Fall, XERXES, Fry Thief - A Game About Poor Life Choices, Reunification: a letter-writing game about reconciliation, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Pulp Detective Expansion 2: Henchmen, Gun Molls and Traps, Terror Below, Mall Kids, Antinomy.

  • Launched: Wavelength, Millennium Blades: Collusion, Winterborne, Tiny Epic Tactics, Mechanica, Shadows of Brimstone Adventures, The Pursuit of Happiness: Experiences, Throw Throw Burrito, Aftershock: San Francisco and Venice.

  • Formal Ferret canceled its High Rise campaign, and said it plans to relaunch with a lower price point without the expensive plastic components.

  • Stronghold Games canceled Aftershock, despite being funded, as "the Deluxe Edition upgrades (and their associated costs) weren't resonating with as many people as we had hoped. We are going back to the drawing board - rethinking how to give Aftershock its best shot at doing well. Our next step could be a revised Kickstarter with different reward levels and perks for backers, or perhaps we just go straight to retail."

  • Weird Giraffe Games canceled Big Easy Busking, and said it hopes to relaunch with a clearer Kickstarter campaign and more reviews.

  • Armored Panda canceled TACTIKI, and plans to relaunch in 6-8 weeks.

  • Bezier Games' Suburbia Collector's Edition Kickstarter campaign is the first game to hit $1M in pledges in 2019 -- finishing at over $1.8M with over 12,000 backers, and more than 20 stretch goals achieved.

  • Button Shy's campaign for Antinomy was delayed, as it was declined by Kickstarter, and Button Shy was forced to go through an appeal. "The appeal is all automated, takes 3 business days, and is extremely difficult when you can't speak to anyone about it. I believe it was declined in error, as the reason was for "launching a second project before fulfilling your first one", which is standard for the entire board game industry." After two appeals and multiple emails, the campaign was launched on February 13.

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