WDYPTW: Cult of the News, June edition

WDYPTW: Cult of the News, June edition

Game Announcements:

  • Board&Dice announced its next heavy euro game by Daniele Tascini & Federico Pierlorenzi, Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula, and also announced it would be bringing Yedo back into print with upgraded art and components.

  • Calliope Games announced it would be pre-launching three new games at Origins -- ShipShape by Rob Daviau, which will be available in retail in July;  Everyone Loves A Parade by Mike Mulvihill, which will be available in retail in August; and SpyMaster by Seth Johnson, which will be available in retail in September.

  • Plaid Hat Games announced its next Adventure Book Game, Aftermath, designed  by Jerry Hawthorne. It is available for preorder, and will be available in retail in the Fall.

  • AEG announced Ecos: First Continent, designed by John D Clair, the designer of Mystic Vale, Space Base, Edge of Darkness, and more.  In Ecos: First Continent, players are forces of nature molding the planet, but with competing visions of its grandeur. Ecos will be released this October. 

  • Arcane Wonders announced a partnership with Cosmodrome Games to bring the English language version of Smartphone Inc. to the retail market as part of the Dice Tower Essentials product line. 

  • Starfarers of Catan, designed by Catan creator Klaus Teuber, will be re-released as Catan: Starfarers later this year -- the game's 20th anniversary. The new edition will include a complete overhaul of the game's artwork and components. Catan: Starfarers will be released this autumn, following a preview at Gen Con in August. 

  • Renegade Game Studios announced an "innovative take on the roll-and-write genre" with ClipCut Parks. Designed by Shaun Graham and Scott Huntington, this game will be releasing in Q4, will play 1-4 players aged 8+ in 30 minutes. "In Clipcut Parks, the mayor has called on you to create a set of gorgeous parks to beautify the urban landscape. With a pair of scissors in a plan, use your snipping talents clip a park full of dazzling, colorful features!" 

  • Van Ryder Games announced, with its partners from Last Level, Frontier Wars, an “excellent entry-level thematic war game with awesome miniatures and simple but very engaging gameplay.” Frontier Wars is slated for release as Essen and for a wider retail release around the same time. 

  • Serious Poulp announced The 7th Citadel, its next game in the  "Choose your own Path" system at the heart of The 7th Continent. The 7th Citadel will take place in a new unique "Dark Fantasy" world whose gameplay will be significantly enhanced compared to that of The 7th Continent. The game will be coming to Kickstarter in 2020. 

  • Serious Poulp also announced The 7th Continent: Classic Edition, which will be released in Q4 in English and French, and sold directly to maintain an "acceptable" price point. Parallel to this release, three expansions will also be available: "The Icy Maze", "The Forbidden Sanctuary" and a mini expansion that will contain the introductory "The Crystal Song" curse as well as the new games modes from the "What Goes Up, Must Come Down." Collector box. The Kickstarter exclusive expansion "Swamp of Madness" will not be reprinted. 

  • Portal Games announced the newest game in the Imperial Settlers line - Empires of the North, a card game in which players lead one of six clans from three different factions. The game plays out over a series of rounds, during which players explore new lands, construct buildings, trade resources, and sail to new lands with the aim of either conquering, or pillaging to gain more goods. The box contains six unique, ready to play decks featuring Vikings, Scots and Inuit clans. Each deck offers a variety of strategies and replayability value. Empires of the North will be pre-released at Gen Con in August, with a worldwide release planned for the second half of August. 

  • Roxley Games announced that Dice Throne Season One Remastered will be part of its upcoming Dice Throne Adventures Kickstarter.

  • LudiCreations announced that On the Underground is back. Long out of print, this game by Sebastian Bleasdale has been upgraded with new art and endowed with custom-shaped premium components. The game is available to back on Kickstarter until July 13.

  • Bandai announced the Godzilla Card Game, a  two-to-four player game designed by Ryan Miller. 

  • Renegade Game Studios announced the GM-less macroscopic RPG Icarus, a collaborative storytelling game about the collapse of a great civilization for 2-5 players and plays in about 2-3 hours. Icarus is available for September delivery, or pick up in August at Gen Con. 

  • Renegade Game Studios announced, in partnership with Hunters Entertainment and Infectious Play Publishing, that role-playing game Teens In Space is being released in August. Teens in Space, designed and developed by Jonathan Gilmour and Doug Levandowski, is powered by the Kids on Bikes RPG system. 

Expansion Announcements:

  • Board&Dice announced Dice Settlers: Western Sea,  a modular expansion for Dice Settlers. It introduces a number of separate smaller expansions (called modules) which can be added to the base game, either separately, in different combinations, or all together. It will be released at Essen Spiel 2019.

  • Mondo Games and Restoration Games announced the Bruce Lee expansion for Unmatched. Unmatched: Bruce Lee contains a meticulously detailed sculpted hero miniature, health dial, and 31 cards featuring artwork from the talented Oliver Barrett. The expansion can be used with any full set in the Unmatched system. This first solo-hero expansion will debut at Gen Con.

  • Renegade Game Studios announced, in partnership with Dire Wolf Digital, another new expansion for Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure: Clank! Expeditions: Temple of the Ape Lords.  The expansion features two new maps, four new meeples, and a new Ape Lord boss marker. This title will be available at local game store shelves beginning in September, and available at Gen Con a full month early from the Renegade Games Booth and the Dire Wolf Digital booth.

  • White Wizard announced that Epic Card Game will be coming back to Kickstarter with "some awesome expansions and Kickstarter exclusives that will have more new cards than all of the existing packs combined," including an Epic Duels Starter Deck, Epic Jungle, and Epic Lost Tribe. 

Release Date Announcements:

  • Big G Creative released Kenny G. Keepin' IT Saxy Game, a Target exclusive cooperative game for 2-5 players that plays in 30 minutes. 

  • There is a new Blockbuster Party Game board game from Big Potato Games, which comes in a VHS box, that is now available at Target. 

  • Floodgate Games announced that Bosk is now available in local game stores.

  • HABA announced it will release Mountains on August 1 in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Gale Force Nine will release its updated version of the Dune board game on August 24. This version cleared up some of the game rules and made some minor tweaks, while maintaining the core of the original game. MSRP is $50.00. 

Digital Board Game Announcements:

  • The digital version of Lorenzo il Magnifico has pre-released on Steam, with an official release at the end of July. 

  • Leder Games announced that Vast: The Crystal Caverns is being adapted by Space Mace Games as "a fresh telling the story and world we've already come to know,' adding that "this is NOT a board game to digital game platform port, so we're unbelievably excited with this announcement!" 

Other Game Tidbits:

  • A Magic: The Gathering animated series, produced by the Russo Brothers, is coming to Netflix.

  • Propagate and Asmodee Entertainment are developing a TV competition series based on the Ticket to Ride board game. 

  • Renegade Game Studios announced it would provide replacement decks for anyone that bought the first printing of Proving Grounds, as "some of the cards intended to be in the deck are missing and instead have harder cards in their place. This does NOT make the game unplayable or unwinnable. It does make the game harder than intended, especially in Training Mode."

  • Looney Labs and The Game Crafter announced their joint effort website is live. The Custom Loonacy website allows anyone to create a Loonacy deck with the images of their choice for $10 a deck.

  • Plaid Hat Games and designer Isaac Vega announced the end of Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

Other Industry Tidbits:

  • UK Games Expo ejected and banned a GM for a "shock factor" tabletop roleplaying scenario that included kidnapping and gang rape.

  • Renegade Game Studios founder Scott Gaeta detailed his experience as a vendor at UK Games Expo. 

  • Minion Games owner James Mathe has passed away.

  • Alan Emrich, the founder of Victory Point Games, commented on Facebook that his company, which was bought by Tabletop Tycoon, recently had the entire creative team, himself included, laid off. 

    "Alan Emrich: Why do this? 

    I sold VPG to another publisher (Tabletop Tycoon) who kept on staff the entire VPG creative team and VPG was a game development studio for them. Recently, they laid off the entire VPG creative team, myself included. As there is not a wargamer left, some of VPG wargame designs, like ETO, are seeing the rights being graciously returned to their designers.

    Armed with the rights, Frank Chadwick sought a new publisher at ConsimWorld and we had some very good choices. Frank went with GMT, so together with the ETO team, we are marching forward."


  • Funded: Big Easy Busking, 7 Souls, Starving Artists - Second Printing, Papillon, The Refuge: Terror from the Deep, The Few and Cursed: Board Game, Dragon’s Interest, Europe Divided, Thunderstone Quest: New Horizons, Company of Heroes Board Game, The After: Post-Apocalyptic Action for Savage Worlds

  • Launched: Dungeon Drop, What's He Building in There? (Second Edition), Trouble in Templetown, Endeavor: Age of Expansion, Last Aurora, Escape the Dark Sector, Dwarven Miner - Reforged, Darwinauts, Untamed: Feral Factions, Paraphrase: Songs In Other Words, ROLL PLAYER - Fiends & Familiars Expansion, Tasty Humans Board Game, Dance Card!, Dwellings of Eldervale, Die Macher, Old School Tactical Vol III: The Pacific Theater, On the Underground, Middara: Unintentional Malum - The Complete Trilogy, Ultimate Kingdoms for DnD 5E or PFRPG

  • Fowers Games cancelled its Kickstarter campaign for PegLeg: Pirate Pinball.

  • Deep Water Games cancelled its Kickstarter campaign for Sovereign Skies.

  • Funding for Daily Magic Games' Sailing Toward Osiris: Pharaoh's Pyramid expansion was not successful. The company said, "We were sad to see it happen, but we have some ideas on what went wrong and what we could do better next time. Most notably, we should have done more advanced marketing and there were also a couple of other high profile Egyptian-themed games that were active concurrently or were recently successful. These games all play differently of course, but 3 Egyptian games so close together was just too much. One other factor that likely played a part in the lower initial launch numbers was that we waited too late to add a pledge level to let players get the base game and the expansion as part of this campaign. There were legitimate reasons for that initial decision, but this is something that definitely seemed to have an impact on engagement with potential new backers. However, don’t fret Sailing Towards Osiris fans! We will be relaunching sometime later this year."

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