WDYPTW: Cult of the News, August edition

WDYPTW: Cult of the News, August edition

Game Announcements:

  • Fantasy Flight announced a number of games at its In Flight Report at Gen Con 2019, including Arkham Horror: Final Hour, "fully cooperative Arkham Horror gaming experience that can be played in under 60 minutes," and Marvel Champions: The Card Game, a "new cooperative living card game in the Marvel universe." Arkham Horror: Final Hour and Marvel Champions: The Card Game both launch in Q4.

  • Deep Water Games announced it would be publishing 7 Summits, designed by Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu, with artwork by Kwanchai Moriya. 7 Summits is a dice game that plays 2-5 players in 30-35 minutes. Note that Mayday Games had previously announced it would publish 7 Summits. 

  • HABA USA announced three new games, in coordination with HABA Germany, coming this Fall. These titles will be available at Essen in October and in the U.S. shortly after. The first is Miyabi, designed by Michael Kiesling, where players are planning Japanese gardens. The game comes with five expansions included. The second is Cloaked Cats, designed by Connor Reid, where players have to figure out who is who at the Masked Ball. The third is Dragon's Breath: The Hatching, a stand-alone game in the Dragon's Breath universe designed by Lena & Gunter Burkhardt.

  • CMON and CD PROJEKT RED announced Cyberpunk 2077 - Afterlife: The Card Game. Designed by award-winning game designer Eric M. Lang, the game "thrusts players into the dark alleyways of Night City, where ruthless gangs clash with corporations in an endless war for money, power, and control." This will be the first collaboration between the two companies, with plans for more to follow. Cyberpunk 2077 - Afterlife: The Card Game will be released in 2020. 

  • Big G Creative announced the Trapper Keeper Game, a "fun and nostalgic game that brings back all the memories of stashing homework, class notes and quizzes in an authentic Trapper Keeper folder." Available exclusively at Target stores nationwide, the Trapper Keeper Game sells for SRP $16.99. 

  • WizKids announced a partnership with Sweet Games to publish their game Seeders from Sereis: Exodus in English for the first time. It will be released in spring 2020. 

  • CMON announced Ankh, a new board game from the mind of Eric M. Lang, designer of Blood Rage and Rising Sun. Play as a God of ancient Egypt, competing to survive as society begins to forget the old ways, so that only you and your followers remain. Ankh is a game for 2 to 5 players and will be coming to Kickstarter by the end of 2019.

  • Nerial announced Reigns: The Council, an asymmetric party game for 3-6 people about a monarch seeking the harmony of their realm, and their advisors vying to influence them for their own goals, designed by Bruno Faidutti and Herve Marly. 

  • Geek Attitude Games, which was founded by Bruxelles 1893 designer Etienne Espreman and two others, announced Bruxelles 1897, a card game based on the Bruxelles 1893 board game. 

  • LudiCreations announced a collaboration with designer Scott Almes for the 0-2 player game So, You've Been Eaten, which features artwork by Kwanchai Moriya. Scott Almes brought it specifically to LudiCreations because they "have done unconventional games such as ...and then we held hands. and Kune v Lakia: A Chronicle of a Royal Lapine Divorce Foretold." 

  • Renegade Game Studios, in partnership with White Wolf Entertainment and Paradox Interactive, announced Vampire: The Masquerade - The Expandable Card Game, set to release in 2020. Vampire: The Masquerade - The Expandable Card Game “will offer tabletop gamers a new way to experience the intrigue and politics of Kindred society, as well as the hunger pangs of The Beast within.”

  • Stonemaier Games announced Tapestry, a civilization game designed by Jamey Stegmaier that plays 1-5 players in 90-120 minutes. The Tapestry preorder in early September will be available to everyone. 

  • Renegade Game Studios announced Circadians: First Light, designed by Sam J. Macdonald. Playing 1-4 space-faring researchers aged 12+ in 60-90 minutes, Circadians: First Light is a sci-fi game that features dice rolling, worker placement, and asymmetrical design. 

  • Hexagram 63 announced a partnership with Spielworxx to publish the English Edition of Yinzi from Rola and Costa. 

  • Restoration Games announced it would be restoring Key to the Kingdom, with art by Andrew Bosley, in 2020.

  • Level 99 Games announced the upcoming release of Exceed: Shovel Knight — a fighting card game featuring the characters from Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight series. For the first time, players will be able to take on the roles of characters such as Shovel Knight, Shield Knight, Enchantress, and the eight members of the Order of No Quarter in head-to-head combat. The full lineup of Shovel Knight games will be available starting in December 2019. 

  • NSV announced The Mind Extreme, which "features the same gameplay as the original design, but now with two 50-card decks instead of a single deck of cards numbered 1-100 and with players discarding cards onto two separate discard piles, one in an ascending order and the other in a descending order." 

  • According to Bleeding Cool, in 2020, Blacklist Games and IDW Games will be looking to release board games based on the Contra and Bomberman franchises, respectively. These two franchises are owned and licensed by Konami Cross Media NY, and are based on video games.  

  • According to ICv2, Pandasaurus Games has acquired Wingspan designer Elizabeth Hargrave's next game. The ICv2 report added that while details on the theme or content of the new game were sparse, Hargrave did comment on the collaboration.  "I’m very excited to be working with Pandasaurus on this game," she said. "It’s based on a story I fell in love with the first time I heard it, and I think gamers will too."

Expansion Announcements:

  • Fantasy Flight Games announced KeyForge: Worlds Collide, which adds two new houses to the world of KeyForge, at its In Flight Report at Gen Con 2019. 

  • Fantasy Flight Games announced six new Clone Wars-era expansions for Star Wars: Legion

  • Fantasy Flight Games announced a new wave of eight expansions for Star Wars: X-Wing.

  • Fantasy Flight Games announced two new large ship expansions for Star Wars: Armada.

  • Z-Man Games announced the Mesozooic: Jurassic Mini Expansion, which is available now. 

  • Garphill Games announced Architects of the West Kingdom: Age of Artisans, an expansion for Architects of the West Kingdom that includes components for an extra player, the new Craft Cards, a dual-layered Guildhall Board, two new Player Boards and a variety of new Apprentices and Buildings. 

  • AEG announced War Chest: Nobility, an expansion for War Chest.

  • Designer Peter McPherson announced the Tiny Towns: Fortune expansion on Twitter.

  • Brotherwise Games released more details on the Call to Adventure: Name of the Wind expansion, detailing how the new mechanism "Naming" works. 

  • Renegade Game Studios announced, in partnership with Dire Wolf Digital, that Clank! In! Space! Cyber Station 11 will be coming in November. This is an expansion for Clank! In! Space!, and requires the base game to play. 

  • Bezier Games announced One Night Ultimate Bonus Roles will be releasing in stores the first week of October. This will be a compilation of all extra roles and artifacts previously only featured in One Night Ultimate Bonus Packs 1-4. All of these roles integrate seamlessly with any of the five One Night Ultimate games — One Night Ultimate Werewolf, One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak, One Night Ultimate Vampire, One Night Ultimate Alien, and One Night Ultimate Super Villains.

  • Upper Deck announced the Legendary Revelations: A Marvel Deck Building Game expansion, which introduces a whole cast of new heroes including Scarlett Witch, War Machine, Quicksilver, and many more. The set includes three new keywords: HyperSpeed, Last Stand and Dark Memories, as well as a whole new card type: Locations. Legendary Revelations is the first ever Deluxe Small Box expansion for Legendary A Marvel Deck Building Game. Despite being the same box size of other small box expansions, it contains 200 cards instead of 100. 

  • Renegade Game Studios announced Kids On Bikes: Strange Adventures Vol. 2, a supplement that will be available in October and will offer more options and adventures for Kids on Bikes.

Release Date Announcements:

  • Paizo announced on August 1 that it released the second edition of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The 640-page Pathfinder Core Rulebook “contains everything players and Game Masters need to build deeply customizable characters and weave fantastic stories and adventures,” while the 360-page Pathfinder Bestiary “contains more than 400 monsters from Aeons to Zombies, with more lore and more intuitive game stats than ever before.”

  • Rio Grande Games announced the release of Puerto Rico the Deluxe Edition on August 20. The game has updated cover and graphics, and both expansions included. 

  • TMG announced that Festival of a Thousand Cats, a small box trick taking game for 3-4 players with ridiculously cute cats, released on August 27.

  • AEG announced that Ecos: First Continent would be available for sale at Essen and in wide release in October. 

  • Portal Games will release three new products at Essen Spiel in Germany. Pret-a-Porter will make its debut at the show along with expansions for Neuroshima Hex and the newly released Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North. All three titles will be available for pre-order with an Essen pick-up option from publisher's website.These titles will be available in retail after the show. 

Digital Board Game Announcements:

  • BoardGameArena announced that Clans of Caledonia was now available to play online.

  • Digidiced announced it is working on a Viticulture app. 

  • Additionally, Viticulture is now available to play on Boardspace.net.

  • Monster Couch announced that they are working on a digital, full-AI version of Wingspan. Stonemaier anticipates they will release the game in early 2020 on several platforms, including Steam.

  • White Wizard Games announced that the Star Realms Frontiers expansion is now available in the digital app. 

  • Floodgate Games announced that Dire Wolf Digital is working on a digital version of Sagrada, due out later this year. 

  • Thunderbox Entertainment announced it would be bringing AEG's The Captain is Dead to Steam. 

  • Red Raven Games announced that Eight-Minute Empire: Complete Edition is now available on the Nintendo Switch. 

Other Game Tidbits:

  • Inka & Markus Brand's EXIT: The Game series of "escape room" games has sold more than four million copies worldwide, according to BoardGameGeek, citing publisher KOSMOS.

Other Industry Tidbits:

  • Gen Con announced a year of continued growth in attendance, exhibiting companies, and ticketed events at its 2019 convention in Indianapolis, IN, held in the Indiana Convention Center, Lucas Oil Stadium, and surrounding downtown hotels from August 1-4. The annual four-day event sold more four-day and Sunday badges than in any prior year, and featured nearly 70,000 unique attendees, a record-breaking 538 exhibiting companies, and an all-time-high 19,600 ticketed events. 

  • Asmodee acquired Lion Rampant Imports, GoKids, Skyship, and Searainbow Group. 

  • Genius Games, a publisher of Science-based tabletop games, has acquired Artana LLC, a publisher of history and technology games. Artana is known for titles such as Tesla vs. Edison, Einstein, Lovelace & Babbage, and Tomorrow. The combined company debuted at Gen Con. 

  • Rick Loomis, game designer (Berserker, Nuclear Destruction, Starweb, Weapons of Mass Destruction), founder of Flying Buffalo, and one of the founders of GAMA, passed away on August 23. 


  • Funded: Freezing Death: Finnish Winter War, Trial By Trolley, Margraves of Valeria, Etherfields Board Game, Dice Throne Adventures & Season One: Rerolled!, Trudvang Legends, Ultra-Tiny Epic Galaxies, Bow Down : A Take-That Battle Card Game, Adventure Tactics: A co-op tactics campaign for 1-5 players, Gridopolis, Sleeping Gods, Struggle of Empires Deluxe Edition

  • Launched: Burgle Bros 2: The Casino Capers, Fiasco: The Cinematic Game of Plans Gone Wrong, HEXplore It: The Sands of Shurax, Fired Up- the arena game where you are the audience, Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels, Merchants Cove, Half Truth, Evil Dead 2 The Board Game, Epic Jungle with Star Realms High Alert Add-Ons, Flapjack Flipout

  • Board&Dice announced that the Kickstarter campaign for thematic worker placement game Yedo Deluxe Master Set will launch on September 9. "Originally published in 2012, Yedo has earned its rightful place in the hearts and on the tables of strategy and thematic gamers around the world. With already a great game on our hands, we decided to update the components to modern standards, add extra polish based on seven years of community feedback, and then complete the game with extra content created especially for the Yedo Deluxe Master Set by Thomas Vande Ginste and Wolf Plancke - the brilliant minds behind the original Yedo."

  • Emperor's Choice didn't go live in July as TMG had previously announced. TMG said the Emperor’s Choice Kickstarter has been pushed to Q1 of 2020, adding that the whole Kickstarter pipeline needed a re-start/refresh. "Our delayed Kickstarter projects exceeds what is acceptable, and we'll be focusing on delivering those first... By rebooting our whole KS pipeline, we are able to front load things in the process that might cause delays, for example the Mahjong-style tiles we will be including in Emperor's Choice."

  • Grey Fox Games cancelled its After the Empire Kickstarter campaign, despite it being over 200% funded, and said it plans to relaunch it on September 3. The company stated, "It has become clear from both the helpful comments of backers and the relatively low traffic that this campaign is getting that there are things we can do better and we'd like to take the relaunch as an opportunity to do just that." 

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