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Geek-Craft: War Never Changes - A Preview of the Omen Saga

Games that are for two players exclusively always seem to catch my attention. The game can focus on the interactions between the two players instead of worrying about balance for multiple player ranges. Small box games also draw me in for being easy to travel with. Omen checks both of these boxes, and it has quite a history. The new take on Omen revamps some of the rules and offers the game to a wider audience. Let's take a look at the base game.

Geek-Craft: Magnetize: A Review of A-Case +

Storing miniatures is an often talked about topic. Just google it and you’ll find hundreds solutions. I’ve tried a lot of them and I’ve found that many of them work. But at the end of the day I needed a storage solution that wasn’t just a heavy box of foam and bits at my house. I needed a solution that stored my minis, but also came with me to the store to play.

Geek-Craft: With Friends Like These... - A review of Grimm Forest

It’s not easy being a pig: people are constantly trying to eat your belly; even after puberty you can’t grow more than peach fuzz on your chinny chin chin, and there’s still that issue of people trying to huff and puff your houses down after you’ve toiled all day on their construction.  Thanks to Druid City games; however, your plight has gained some recognition. Now, friends from all walks of the Grimm mythos are popping up. But, will their presence save your bacon or make you squeal?

Geek-Craft: Monopoly, seriously

As someone with a few too many games, I know that I play a lot of weird stuff. I have games about battling goats, running a power company, and climbing mountains. But there's a game in my collection that seems to surprise other gamers - Monopoly. Now, I'm not saying it's perfect, but there's a good chance the game you'd play today isn't quite what you'd expect.