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Low Player Count #75: Production with Joe Wiggins

In this episode, Donny and Travis continue their Concept to Table series, a series dedicated to looking at the life cycle of tabletop board games from creation to distribution, including many of the steps in between. In the fourth episode, the LPC Crew sits down with Joe Wiggins of Panda Games Manufacturer to discussion production.

Low Player Count #70: Solo Mode Stretch Goals

In this episode, Donny and Travis go in-depth to discuss the business and consumer sides of what happens when solitaire modes are part of stretch goals for Kickstarter campaigns. They also discuss Travis going to GenCon, the GenCant Button Shy contest, and the Indiegogo campaign for 14 Board Games from Africa.

Low Player Count #68: The Name Game

In this episode, Donny and Travis discuss the importance of game names, and how they persuade or dissuade us from playing them. They also give away a copy of Legacy of Dragonholt, courtesy of Game Surplus, and make a huge announcement about supporting the show.