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MHDD S01E15 - The Chase Begins

With all the members of their group free and reunited, their plans return to aiding the Tiefling Liberation Front. As they debate about what to do next, Trell informs our heroes of a chance to win limited rights for Tieflings in Gofnerfurt if they can manage to bring Lady Entropy to justice...

MHDD S01E14: A Daring Rescue

With the promise of Black Dagger’s help, Allette, Kenaz, and Nat set out to rescue their fellow adventurers from the Gofnerfurt dungeons. Meanwhile, Mr Tiki works to cut a deal to free Darcassan and himself from the inquisitors.

MHDD S01E09: A Festival Awaits

After surviving a perilous journey down the Halen River our heroes are forced to make a decision: carry on down the river to the fort town guarding the border and proceed inland from there or leave the river and cut across the countryside directly for Gofnerfurt.

MHDD S01E04: Circle of Fear

With a murder added to the list of unusual activity in Mancaster, our heroes step up their investigation of the desecrated land outside of town. As Nat and Kenaz try another visit to Putrid Pauline's and Darcassan seeks the two bards, Mr Tiki and Allet venture into the mine where they find danger on multiple fronts...