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Jambalaya Plays Games is dedicated to the hobby that brings Jeremy joy, board gaming. The name Jambalaya represents his taste in board games. He enjoys dungeon crawlers, family games, party games, euro games… get it? Jambalaya Plays Games is for gamers who enjoy a variety of board games. You can expect evolving content as his interests expand. He will be honest with you if he doesn’t like some games that he reviews or previews, but you will have a clear and mature approach as to what he doesn’t care for. There won’t be any paid for positive review or free game equal all positive content.

You will see some coverage of popular company projects, but expect to see smaller indie developers and interviews. Jeremy believes that once you get to see the people behind the games you are interested in, it makes your purchases easier to make. There will also be a solo series, kid series, and animal pic series.

Jeremy will do his best to provide you with content that he thinks will be of some value. He might be a grammatical mess, he may take small breaks, but what you will see is his passion for games. It takes time to build relationships, better content, and a community. Let’s come together and create a wonder community of Jambalaya. Please feel free to contact him or join the discussion in the comments.





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