The Good, The Board, and The Ugly


The Good, the Board, and the Ugly is the antithesis of an echo chamber. On the contrary, its cornerstone is diversity in game taste. Among the hosts and wide range of regular guests, you are guaranteed to hear not only an approximation of your own viewpoint but  its polar opposite, as well.  All contributors share a passion for gaming and a desire to delve deep into discussion.

Brief host bios: Andrew Denison prefers heavy, complicated games and has been earned the nickname "the Mathochist".  Opaque, economic,  Trent Hamm, the "Game Mage" has been gaming for decades and plays every type of game out there, Ameritrash, Euro, family, economic, you name it: Trent plays it. Except Splendor. Trent HATES Splendor. Speaking of hate, host Joe Sallen loathes game altering randomness, fact which many believe characterizes him as a Eurogamer. In his view of the existential debate of gaming, mechanisms come before theme. Come celebrate the ever expanding world of tabletop gaming with the GBU!

Additionally, get the most from your time spent gaming with help from The Sallen Coefficient, a video review series by Joe Sallen. In each video, Joe explores multiple aspects of the game and how they contribute to its overall efficacy as entertainment. The eponymous Coefficient refers to the depth of a game in relation to the time you'll spend playing and learning it. Joe challenges himself to delve deeper than ever-present subjective qualifiers like "fun", "good", and "I like it" that require the audience to have prior knowledge of the reviewer's tastes.  Each video review will leave you with a profound understanding of the game and, most of all, an idea of whether or not to bring it to your table.





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